• August 2, 2021
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The 3 best practices for building customer loyalty in the real estate sector

Is building customer loyalty in the real estate sector virtually impossible? We believe not. As much as the repurchase cycle is much longer than most other goods that a consumer can purchase, it is possible to retain…

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Learn now how to find potential customers to sell real estate!

Finding customers is an increasingly laborious task. Either because the financial crisis has ruled out potential interested in real estate or because of the growth in the number of brokers. However, improving the customer base is…

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Personal marketing: does it make a difference in the real estate market

It is not necessary to be a broker to understand that the presentation of a property is everything when closing its sale or rent. After all, since the first impression is what remains, it is necessary to add…

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Are social networks useful today to sell more in your real estate business? Check-up test

Next, we will ask you a series of questions whose answer can serve to transform the approach you are giving to the social media strategy within your company. Let’s go with the first one: are…

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How close are your goals to your digital marketing strategy in your real estate?

TEST: If the year is starting, possibly you already have your digital marketing plan clear, if not you have already been executing it, and perhaps you are wondering if what you designed is the right…

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10 companies with customer service strategies that will captivate you

These are some examples that you should know about the initiatives of some companies including blue world city Islamabad to ensure the loyalty of their consumers, such as quality, innovation, added value and personalized attention.…

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